All about tethering with your Android device


One of the biggest as well as most
significant results of technological
revolution was the introduction of
smart phones. The world has got so
addicted with them that today we
cannot think of being not connected
with the outside world for even a
single second. Internet plays an
important role in keeping us
updated with the world around us.
Again, technology has made it easier
than ever to access the internet
directly from our portable hand held
Also, in case you own a device with
3G/ 4G facility, you can easily go
online by simply connecting it with
your laptop/ tablet whenever there
is an urgent need for internet
All about Tethering
In its literal meaning, tethering
refers to the connection of a smart
phone or a tablet (3G/ 4G enabled)
with a laptop in order to share the
internet connection between the
both. The connection is established
when the latter takes 3G/ 4G signals
from the formal. This comes handy
in places where there is no scope for
a Wi-Fi connection. Depending on
the current arena of smart phones as
well as tablets in the market, there
are 3 possible ways in which
tethering can take place.
Types of Tethering
Bluetooth tethering :
In case you do not have your USB
cable with you and are desperately
in need for an internet connection,
then USB tethering is the most
viable option for you. It is most
suitable for long distances. In the
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
version, Bluetooth tethering is a
fully fledged feature.
This is the easiest of all as all you
need to do is pair your smart phone/
tablet with the laptop and you are
ready to go. The speed of the
connection may vary depending on
the Bluetooth version and network of
your smart phone. Also, the signals
may be weaker than that in case of
Wi-Fi tethering.
USB tethering:
For this, you need to install the
device driver of your smart phone/
tablet in your laptop and plug your
device in any of the USB ports in the
laptop. After this, you can use your
device as a USB modem by using the
connection manager settings of your
laptop/ PC. An advantage of this
kind of tethering is that there is no
scope for battery drainage as the
device will get charged while
connected to the PC/ laptop. But it
provides one- to- one connection
Wi-Fi tethering :
This kind of tethering is also known
as Mobile Hotspot. It is the most
commonly used tethering and the
advantage is that a number of
devices can be connected to within a
single Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi
router provides a one- to- many
connection and you just need to
activate the Mobile Hotspot on your
device. Though there is ample loss
of battery but this is a widely used
tethering method.
Carrier restrictions in US :
Since 3G/ 4G enabled smart phones
and tablets are essential for
establishing a tethering connection,
it is expensive for the consumers in
US. The reason behind this is that
data plans are comparatively
expensive there and not every plan
supports tethering service as well.
There are 4 major data plans that
allow this facility in the US:

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